Spas - Jets in the BASE of the bath

Bronte spas feature 12 or more jets built into the base of the bath only. These deliver streams of warm air bubbles, rather than a pressurized mixture of air and water, to give you a genuine ‘bubble bath’.

Spa Jet

Key Features:-

The jets (in the base of the bath) are made from solid brass we know they last over 20 year we have been selling them for nearly thirty!

Variable speed
All our spa systems offer a choice of speeds from a 5 speed manual system to variable speed with pulsing action on the electronic systems.

Auto and manual self cleaning
Every spa system has a self cleaning programme built in. Twenty minutes after you last used the spa the ‘blow clean’ function will blow the pipes clean. The blow clean function can be operated at any time with the bath empty to keep the system spick and span.