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Whirlpool - Jets in the SIDE of the bath

A whirlpool offers zoned massage from jets set into the side walls of your bath, which can be angled to give relief where it’s most required. A power adjustment control allows you to regulate the amount of air mixed with the water: the more air, the greater the massage effect. We offer the choice of manual or electronic controls to do this for you. We also offer the choice of up to 8 side-mounted jets and up to 4 jets at the back and foot.

Back and foot

Key Features:-

Side Jets lower in the bath
Our unique design of suction return fitting allows the side jet to be position lower down the side of the bath so the jets hit you body and don’t just go over it also you don’t have to fill the bath up to the overflow before you turn the whirlpool on!

Adjustable back and foot jets
The back and foot jets are individually adjustable so you get the right massage pressure where you need it. Maxi Drain and Maxi Care unique to Bronte.