Hand Built Systems

Hand-built, It's Your Choice!

We never forget that it’s your bathroom. So we build choice into everything. Our comprehensive range offers something for everyone, from economy solutions to the highly functional and more expensive.

For example, our whirlpool and spa options can be combined. We’ll fit our systems to other manufacturers’ baths. And we give you plenty of options for designing a system that’s just right for you and your bathroom. We’ll do all we can to position your jets, your controls - and even the pump - precisely where you want them.

Ease of installation

All Bronte baths are supported by a heavyduty frame, with the massage powerpack already fitted. This means all your plumber has to do is connect the taps and waste, and all your electrician has to do is wire in the power supply. (With a bath sourced elsewhere, we use its own frame and fit our own pump stand to take our pump.)

Your guarantees

All Bronte hydromassage systems comply with European Standard EN60-335, part 2.

They are also fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship or materials, as follows:

Controls 2 years
Pipework 10 years
Bronte bathtubs 25 years

Please note that these periods do not represent the expected lifespan of each component, but a reasonable time within which any faulty workmanship or parts should come to light. These guarantees do not affect your statutory rights. Terms and conditions apply.