The Bronte Chromotherapy Aqualight has been designed to suit your mood. At the touch of a button you can choose from one of 7 colours or use our cycle feature to enjoy them all in turn. Simply press the button to turn the light on and again to turn it off. The next time you turn it on, it will even remember the last colour you selected. To change the colour ‘double click’ the button - simple. Relaxing has never been so easy!



  £ ex VAT £ inc VAT
Single light £183.33 £220.00
Second light £91.67 £110.00

You can have one or two Aqualights in a bath. One light is fitted as standard on the Viva Range.


Inline Whirlpool Heater

If you are a true bath baby and enjoy a good soak, then an inline heater will keep your water at the perfect temperature. No more topping up when the water cools down, an inline heater works in the background, when the whirlpool pump is running the heater turns itself on. Never run out of hot water again!

£ ex VAT      £ inc VAT

£229.17       £275.00


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