Additional Jets

Additional Jets

Hand Built for you - as every Bronte bath is hand built, you can make your bath as individual as you are. Use the planning guide on Planning Your Bath to create your home oasis. Little extra’s can make all the difference, so here are some extra’s to choose from.


Additional body jets

Why not have even more of a good thing? Upgrading to 8

side jets in a double-ended bath makes the bath look more

balanced. It also gives an all over massage especially in

larger baths.

£55.00 Ex Vat, £66.00 Inc Vat (Per Pair)


additional body jets2 

Additional back and foot jets

Two back and two foot jets are the standard – but four back

jets can be fitted on many baths, so you can get the massage

in just the right place. It is worth noting that you will need to

add a little extra water in to the bath.

£55.00 Ex Vat, £66.00 Inc Vat (Per Pair)


 additional back and foot jets3

Additional spa jets

If 12 jets aren’t enough (on the Original and Vogue Range), or

even 16 Jets (on the Viva Range) then why not upgrade. Spa

jets are available in sets of two, up to a maximum of 20 jets

(subject to bath size) for an all-over massage.

£36.67 Ex Vat, £44.00 Inc Vat (Per Pair)


additional spa jets2 

Electricity supply

13 Amp



Connection must be made through an RCD.

Standard pump: 900W, 3.9 Amp

Blower: 600W, 2.6 Amp

The pump and blower are pre-mounted to the bath on a rigid frame, for easy installation.


All Bronte baths are supplied un-drilled, for your choice of taps. Plumbing the bath in is the same as for any standard bath.

If you would like a copy of the installation instructions prior to receiving your bath, please contact us and we’ll be happy to send a copy to you.

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