Planning Your Bath

Planning Your Dream Bath

From a company like Bronte, you’d expect nothing less than a hand-made system. And that’s exactly what you’ll get.
That means you can choose the specification that works perfectly for you and your bathroom - so installation is simpler for you and your plumber.

Choosing the perfect whirlpool or spa system from Bronte is easy. But to help you, here are some step-by-step guidelines – because taking a few extra minutes now could increase your bathtime pleasure for years to come. Or you can leave it to us: if you don’t give us a specification, we’ll deliver your bath the way it appears in the brochure. Either way, nothing could be simpler.

We suggest you find a sharp pencil and a rubber, and start with the planning grid we’ve provided. (Remember to make your drawing clear enough for someone else to understand, and use a key to explain any abbreviations you use, eg ‘T = taps’).

If you need assistance with your design, please don’t hesitate to call us here at Bronte, or ask your local showroom. We’re all here to help. And to make your bathroom a better place.

What to do

Here’s how to plan your dream bath:

Draw in the shape of the bath - Some baths come right- and left-handed, so be sure to indicate the one you want.

Sketch in your bathroom walls. This way, we’ll be able to tell which is the open (front) side of the bath, and we’ll be able to position the pump and controls for easy access.

Mark on the tap positions and where the waste is, and if you plan to use an overflow filler. If you’ve selected a Bronte bath, we’ll already know where the waste is. All Bronte baths are supplied un-drilled, so you can choose the taps that best suit your bathroom.

Are you having a shower screen? If so, show its position on your diagram. That way, we won’t put the controls in a place that would clash with the screen.

Show where you’d like us to position the controls. We’ll endeavour to get them right on the spot, or as close as technically possible.

Finally, what type of panel will you require? Is it contoured plastic, wood, or will the bath be tiled-in? We need to know, so that we can ensure your pipework steers well clear. Whichever you choose, remember that access must be possible for servicing.

Download Your Planning Sheet