Whirlpool System A - 10 Jets

Whirlpool System A - 10 Jets

Whirlpools offer a Zonal massage. Each Jet gives a massage right where you need it. The power can be adjusted by turning the control on the top of the bath.

Easy Whirlpool systems are self-draining due to the V draining Venturi pipe system, something we invented in 1985.

Our unique design also allows the side jets to be positioned lower in the bath, giving a better massage and saving water.

These are just a couple of examples of how our design makes for a better bathing experience.

Add sparkle to bath time with a colour changing Aqualight, for further details see our Extra’s page.



On/Off Control
Air Adjustment Control
6 Side Jets
2 Back Jets
2 Foot Jets

Optional Extras

Aqua Light (colour changing)

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